“I think my shrink says something like physical activity and anxiety are incompatible, and so lately I have been exercising more, and that is really helpful.” - YES 🙌 Your therapist is absolutely right and I love the way they articulated that statement using the word ‘incompatible’.

There will be multiple articles I’m writing about this exact subject, and I aim to have all the articles build on one another and compliment each other in strategic ways. Many people who experience (in particular) excess anxiety/depression, always report of feeling the benefits immediately upon exercising ... and there are very real reasons as to why this is. This is not some coincidence or general phenomena.

So one of my biggest goals is to help reveal the fascinating reasons as to why we experience such a shift in our mental health (i.e. the science). And as a big ‘why’ person myself, I hope this extra helps my other ‘why’ people.

Anyhow, good on you for embarking on exercise!!! Keep it up! 🏃‍♀️

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“Eating some random weird food”...I have not heard that stated before and I have had panic with that, too. If I think I ate something bad, for instance, I’ll imagine the salmonella forming or the other horrible things that can happen and I can’t stop. Thank you for identifying that one. 😊

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Thank you for the interview, Scott!

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